THE Hamtramck Music Fest Releases First Half of February Lineup

Holy hot DAYM, winter gets bleak. BUT, we’ve got the fully HEATED lineup (or, the first half of it, at least) for the throwdown in Ham Town - Hamtramck Music Fest, coming February 27 - 29 in the most honeybaked of hams. Get your butts in the many doors that a fest wristband opens up, it’s three straight nights of practically every halfway decent music venue in the city putting on lineups of local music, with one magic little plastic wristband opening the doors to each and every one - over 200 bands worth of music in a weekend.

Suddenly, ‘A Whole New World’ starts playing in your head as you realize the possibilities that this fest brings your future winter-depressed self. That’s right, that means it’s time to start planning for your moves now, you’ve got to mix the right kinds of spots to hit if you’re going to make it out to the bigger-name spots like Small’s or Sanctuary plus the local-music staple venues of Ghost Light, Kelly’s Bar, or Outer Limits (and fuckin’ waaaay more).

Personally, I‘m gonna try and get my way into Bumbo’s and the Polish Sea League, neither of which I’ve ever been to OR googled, and neither of which I’m going to google before heading to, because life is meant to be spiced with the risk of disappointment for the reward of awesomely weird, and god dammit I want to figure out the types of acts that get booked at a Sea League (or, better yet, figure out what the fuck even is a Sea League). I’m hoping they’ll give me a harpoon - I feel like I deserve one.

ANYWAYS, Hamtramck is the place for local music these days, we all know that, and they’re set up yet again for another kick-ass year with still the other half of the lineups yet to be released! We’ll be putting out our favorite routes come next edition, but in the meantime, get excited for big names like Krillin and Warewolf Jones, plus some of our favorite little teeny-tiny acts like GIRL FIGHT, and hit the facebook page for the full lineup & venue lists.

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