ØN LOCATION - bob fleming & the cambria county iron co. (sc)

Sat down with NC-based rock//country crowd of Bob Fleming & The Cambria Iron Co. at The Loving Touch as they came through the mitten during their album release tour for ‘Mother Mary’, an album that is “sad at different tempos” as was so nicely put by Bob himself while on stage.

A special thank you to Terrence in France from Bob and the rest of the Cambria Iron Co, you are much appreciated for your dedicated pre-ordering.

Pre-order the vinyl and other goods on the online → http://ow.ly/dDCe30pC9SG

Bands // Musicians Mentioned:

• Bob Fleming & The Cambria Iron Company: http://ow.ly/dDCe30pC9S

• Quinlan Conley & The I-90 Blues: http://ow.ly/1YO330pC9At

• Severed Fingers: http://ow.ly/U3jg30pC9BR

• Alexa Rose: http://ow.ly/EyRd30pC9Cu

• Sturgill Simpson: http://ow.ly/yhwm30pC9Nw

• Jason Isbell: http://ow.ly/T7g330pC9M1

• The Drive By Truckers: http://ow.ly/jl0230pC9Mn

• The Fighting Sides: http://ow.ly/ab3w30pC9Wz

• John Charles Dwyer: http://ow.ly/b2M630pC9Lp

• The Band of Drifters: http://ow.ly/gYul30pC9KD

• Velvet Devils: http://ow.ly/TWmp30pCa1g

Topics Mentioned:

• The Cambria Iron Company: http://ow.ly/XpVs30pC9OX

• Sonic The Hedgehog Movie (Fan Fixed Trailer): http://ow.ly/VPwo30pC9MA

• Metallica v. Napster, Inc.: http://ow.ly/sJCO30pCafx