OPINION: What Are We Doing?

Live music is in the fight for it's life - what should we be doing?

Rock shows, live-instrument shows; how the fuck do we compete? I don’t know what it is my guys, but something feels like it’s missing. The X-Factor, the danger, I dunno. Something. Sometimes it all feels a bit too tame... to forced, too sterile. Like an elementary school dance recital; a few people showing up to snag a photo to prove their attendance, a few others drinking silently in the darker corners of the room, but generally, people do seem pretty disinterested - which is at the very least distracting, and at the most, depressing.

What do kinds of things can we be doing to get people involved? That’s a question I ask myself constantly - what’s missing? Is it cash prize giveaways? Mud wrestling? ...Good music...? Thats the answer, right? People don’t come out to venues with the intent to see no-name bands anymore, so it seems the bar is set higher than it has been in the past. ‘Being good’ just isn’t good enough anymore.

So what are we doing? I certainly don’t think that we’re helpless or anything like that - there will always be challenges, and that’s not something that will be going away any time soon, but we can (and should!) be making these shows worthwhile for the people who are nice enough to make it out to the venue, and maybe snagging people that usually don’t make it out along the way. An additional bit of fun that they otherwise can’t get from their Netflix subscriptions that threaten to affix them permanently to their couches. We’ve gotta go to war, people. It’s a war on boredom. A war against that smug, unsalted mayonnaise motherfucker on The Bachelor, and if I’m being honest, we’re losing, and we’ve got to start making up ground soon if there’s any chance of local music survival in any meaningful form.

So, stay tuned for the next big push in local music - .25¢ shot nights & jello wrestling dodgeball at your soon- to-be- closing-for-undisclosed- reasons neighborhood music bar.

We’ll bring the towels.

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